New 180 up and running


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mableton, ga
It took several hours this week, to switch my 90 to the new 180. It’s up and running. Fish and corals are happy.
Shout out to Steve Burton, for loaning me his 100 gallon Rubbermaid. I was able to put the 180 where the 90 was. Great guy.


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Looks great!
Would you give us a summary of your new system?
Lights, filtration, whether/which bacteria supplement used🦠
Tank is about 5 years old. inhabitants First lived in a redsea 100ish gallon. About a year ago I purchased all fish and coral from a fellow ARC member that was moving. I stuffed everything into my 90 gallon that was 3 months old at the time.
I added the Foxface and Wrasse. I have Tangs.... Blue, shoulder, or lieutenant, Yellow. A pair of clowns, a few damsels, File fish, and a few other small no names. 2 urchins, along with lots of snails and crabs.
Coral.... I am bad with names. I have two colonies of Walt Disney, some acro, shrooms slimmer, hammer, torch. and a few encrusting corals.
I control it all from an Apex with the trident. Keeping prams at 9, High 400s, and Mag around 1400. Nutrients are kept around .2 , and .04 for phosphates.
I dose Alk, CA and Nopox with a DOS
Kalk is continually sent into a diy kalk stirer auto top off. using a Kamoer continuous pump .
Sump is a Trigger Platinum 34 roller fleece. and a DC skimmer.

I am sure I am missing some equipment and inhabitants.