1. SaltedCarmel

    FREE Amazon Frogbit + Peacock Gudgeons for Sale

    I’ve got a standard 40 gallon breeder with the surface completely covered by large amazon frogbit. It’s going to be thrown away if it doesn’t go to anyone, so be free to take as much as you want. Peacock Gudgeons: $6 x 1 (Roughly 20-30 in various juvenile stages available, will sell the largest...
  2. T

    First planted tank help

    I wasn't sure if this was better suited here for Tank issues or under freshwater. I apologize if it should be in the latter - mods feel free to move/close/etc. I recently set up a freshwater planted tank for my 6 year old and 3 year old and I'm having some issues. I have kept saltwater tanks...
  3. samsisson

    Koi Pond Project - Finished

    I figured I should document my pond project from last year in case anyone could use what I’ve done for their yard 👍 We had the perfect spot for a waterfall/koi pond next to some concrete stairs in our backyard. Moving the “dirt” (clay/petrified rock) was a pain, so it took several days with a...