1. aquarium speciality news

    Used Gen 5 Radion Blue LEDs Available at Aquarium Specialty

    We have 6 of them available for $325.00 each and they are all in great condition. They were used for about 1 year over one our farm systems that we decided to take offline for the foreseeable future. We will pay the shipping and we are in SC so no sales tax when ordering from us.
  2. simonhill55

    Who is the radion expert?

    I have an issue and a question? Does anyone feel they are very knowledgeable with radions?
  3. simonhill55

    Radion vs kessil

    I am looking for opinions from folks who has used both. I currently have two displays, a 180 and a 125. Both are 6 feet long. They are both mixed reefs right now. More acros/sps in the 180. I currently run two ap700/t5 combo over my 180 and MH on the 125. I am about to replace the halides. I...
  4. jeffandkelly

    New Innovative Marine Nano Drop Off

    Set up an Innovative Marine Panorama Drop Off Tank. Using a filter sock on one of the overflows. The other is an InTank Media Basket with Chemi Pure and Purigen. The IM Spin Streams right now are the only circulation in the tank, but we do have an Jebao OW10 for later if we need it. I am just...