New Innovative Marine Nano Drop Off


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Griffin, GA
Set up an Innovative Marine Panorama Drop Off Tank.

Using a filter sock on one of the overflows. The other is an InTank Media Basket with Chemi Pure and Purigen.

The IM Spin Streams right now are the only circulation in the tank, but we do have an Jebao OW10 for later if we need it. I am just concerned it maybe a little too much.

Smart Micro ATO
Eshoppes Nano Skimmer is in route.
Radion XR15 for Lighting - Running on the Radiant Color Template at max 60%

Current Stocklist:
  • Clown Fish Pair
    • Black Ice
    • Domino
  • Goby/Pistol Shrimp Pair
    • Aurora (pink bar) shrimp goby
    • Candy Cane Pistol
  • 2 Feather Dusters/Crabs/Snails
Question - For the shallow side, what type of coral will be best up there? I am not a huge acro fan, I do like purple stylo and catspaw. The fuzzy ones :)

The other side will be mostly acans, blastos and some rock flower nems.

Thoughts on encrusting monti on the shallow side? I am really not sure what to put up there. Really open to suggestions and recommendations
Looks to me like you have a great plan for the layout. Can't wait to see more pics as it progresses!