1. Bburger

    Reef Shops in Chatanooga

    So I am traveling to chattanooga for the day and I wanted to go fish store hopping for corals. Any recommendations?
  2. Bburger

    Question about Flame Angels

    Hello everyone, I was thinking about getting a flame angel for my fish tank but I am keeping LPS so I wanted to get your opinion and also if you have had trouble with them, what kinds of corals were they eating?
  3. E

    Coral reef

    What is the best way to start adding chemicals and adding coral I do not want to do a reactor or doser. I want to know the most simplest way to do it I also want mostly lps and spa corals.
  4. RahsReef

    Hello! Newbie into the reef scene.

    Hello everyone! My name is Rah and I have been into the hobby of aquariums for a little over 2 years. I started with a freshwater setup and a 30 gallon. Its a river setup and has some live plants in it. Understanding the do's and don'ts of an aquarium is vital to the sucess you will reap from...
  5. joshainga

    Nuvo 20 build

    So I picked this nuvo 20 up a couple of months ago from a fellow member and initially was going to run it was a bare bottom frag tank. Well I’m one of the groups I’m in on Facebook there was a contest where the grand prize winner won an aquascape from Artreef Rocks and I was lucky enough to win...
  6. joshainga

    Need help on a reseal plus tank id

    Just picked up a rimless tank that appears to be able to convert from all in one to rimless not really sure as it has a plug set on the bottom and a 4 chamber built in overflow with returns on both sides. Was told that it has a leak in one of the corners but it appears to have a plastic cover...
  7. D

    80 gallon shallow SPS build

    I recently picked up an 80 gallon reef ready frag tank from my LFS. It’s dimensions are a beautiful 4’x2’x16”. The plan is for it to be a SPS dominated peninsula system that can be easily viewed from the sides or top down. Being that I’m super new to the hobby, only started this past January...
  8. sotsreef

    Natural 25 Gallon Lagoon

    Hey all, If you don’t know me my name is John and this is going to be my build thread for my Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Lagoon Tank. I am going for a more natural reef under white lights, and am going to be adding macroalgae and some other soft corals overtime. Anyways here is the specs on the...
  9. C

    Chaeto dying off

    Hey guys! About a week ago I started my first stab at a Chaeto refugium. I got a decent light that I will link below. Anyways I put the Chaeto in the back of my Biocube, and I’ve been running the light on a reverse schedule. The only problem is that a week later is has dwindled to about the size...
  10. C

    Anemone squished by rock

    Hey there. I have a 4 inch BTA in my tanks and after doing a small change to my scape, part of the anemone is under one of the rocks. My question is can an anemone pull itself out from under a rock without hurting itself? The rock is only like a pound in weight and it’s not even particularly...
  11. C

    Dictyota Algae help

    Hey guys, one of my tanks is slowly getting over run by Dictyota algae. I bought a tuxedo urchin to help, but he only seems to slow the spread. I was wondering if there are any other ways to take care of this particular algae. It is a biocube 32, so a Naso tang would not be ideal even though I...
  12. C

    Any way to move pistol shrimp den?

    Hey guys, I recently got a pistol shrimp with a Hi gun goby in my pick reef. Love both of them and they paired up instantly. Problem is the den they made is in the back of the tank under a bunch of rock. Is there any way to convince them to move there den at least facing a bit more towards the...
  13. hankhill31

    Finally got the 220 (da casket) up

    Finally starting to put this <img class="alignleft" src="[/IMG] alt="20180528_120927" />build up having fun wit alt="20180528_122412" />h he kidsand I have no clue how to aqua scape  <img...