125 Damsel Fish Tank


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Hi everyone,

I’m interested in doing a damsel fish tank (with one blue bird wrasse). The tank is a 125 with a 20 gallon refugium and lots of live rock. I want to do 5 species with 4 individuals each. I was wondering if this is at all possible because damsel fish are so aggressive? Also, which species would you recommend? Obviously, I want to stick with the less aggressive species that stay around 2 to 3 inches. Thanks for any thoughts.
I've thought about doing a damsel/anemone tank. I think most damsels are semi-aggressive. The 3 spot damsels seemed to be the most aggressive damsel I've owned.
kj_yoda wrote: the domino damsels are definately the most aggressive.

That's the name I was thinking about. Hmmmm, I think I should lay off the green bottle for the night.
It seems that any Damsel with black is going to be aggressive. That seemed to be the case with me.
The best is the the 4 stripe and the golden damsels. Stay away from the domino, they are bad news. We have a golden in our reef tank. He is by far the most aggressive fish in the tank, but actually gets along pretty well with the other fish.
so are ya'll saying that it is not feasible to do a 20 fish damsel tank because they are too aggressive or....?
I think you could easily do this. I have a Yellow Fin Damsel and he isnt too agressive. I have had a bunch of damsels. The Blue Devil and the Domino are very agressive.
Does anyone have a group of damsels in there tank (besides chromis, which are known to be ok in groups)?
I doubt you will find many people around here with true damsels in their tanks, especially in groups
I have 3 yellow tail blue damsels in a 135g with lots of LR. If you catch them, they are yours. 2 hang out together, the third is banished to the other side of the tank. They aren't aggresive toward others or themselves.
Actually I would guess the number of Damsels in my 360 reef right now to be about 25 or so. At least 12 blue devils 4 gold ones, 4 striped ones, several yellow tailed blue's, and ONE domino I have had for about a year that is close to three inches in diameter (he is pretty mean too). not to mention a small school of blue-green chromis

They all get along fine with very few fights.
Great! I think I'm going to do it. Thanks MikeWyzo, but I think I will have to pass on the fish. I know how hard it can be to catch them. Exspecially with lots of LR.