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cought one of the clowns restin and in the shade. Silly fish :tongue2:

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Again, great pics! I think the first one should be in the next calendar. How's the rest of tank doing today? (man I wish I had a tank at work again)
why thankyou, and I just might throw it in the pic dealio for the calendar. The tank is doing great!! been noticing a lot of coral growth :) everything has growth tips and lookin really healthy. One of my clams tho has decided it wants to rest on its side with its bum facin me, I've righted him 3 times, today he'll stay there till I feel like moving him again, lol. The tank at work is sooo great and relaxing, just stare at it and have some Dave Matthews playing, I'm in the best mood right now, lol.
thanks. been wanting to get a new camera cuz the one I have is old and the pics are so-so, but I've decided to start to go house looking...guess the camera will have to wait.
Good for you !!! When you get the house...time to get a BIG TANK
oh for sure! Tho it'll prolly only be a FWLR only, I'll be broke as a joke if I can get a house.
hehehehe, thanks :) Yeah they are my babies. They make me laugh cuz they act so silly together. The one that first started to host in the TS was very aggressive towards the other one, even when it got close to the TS. They have calmed down and now they both lay in it from time to time. Befor tho one would try to sneak in when the other wasnt watching, but would quickly get chased out....soooo cute! Now they are going thu a phase of swimming up to a rock and just staring at it......anyone know why they are doing this?
My clown (Tomato) will swim up to a rock, but usually doesn't stare at it...she picks it up and throws it.
Maybe they see something on the rock that you can't see? Or, if it close to their TS, could they possibly be looking for a good spawning site?
kj_yoda wrote: My clown (Tomato) will swim up to a rock, but usually doesn't stare at it...she picks it up and throws it.

I've seen mine do that. I saw her once pick up an astraea (quite large one in fact) that had fallen into her area near her eggs. She carried it out of the way and spit it out. It was amazing because she's only about 3" long and the snail was alive and about 1/4 to 1/3 her size.
lol, not at all. I'm actually quite flattered :) Yeah i dont know what they are doing to the rocks, its not in any specific area that she does it, least I think its a she, its the larger of the two. That would be sweet if its a pre-prep for spawning! Its so funny, she reminds me of a puffer staring at sweet nothings, lol. I'll keep ya'll informed if I happen to see any eggs.
If she spawns, which it sounds like she is getting ready to, you can take a ceramic tile and place it near her home (rough side up)... this is if you want the babies to survive. raising clowns is a long process, bu seems very rewarding.