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i have green algae all over my rocks i started taking them out and cleaning them with a tooth brush. any easier way to do this?i skim with a downdraft skimmer use ro water . have used chemi-clean works good on red slime algae don't have any of that any more. any safe algaecide i can use that won't harm fish inverts or corals? thanks
Tell us more about your tank. Size, amount of live rock, sand or crush coral, how often do you feed? There are several chemicals that may help cut the extra nutrients (food source) the algae are feeding on, but you should still find the source of the nutrients and eliminate it.
Paul, please tell us more about your set up. How many fish? WE can offer help but we need to know more information.
please check my post on 9-26-06 for more info i have since bought a down draft skimmer and a ro unit thanks
If I read your previous post only have two fish in the 75? That is a low bioload but if your wife is overfeeding that is not helping. What I would do is get some mexican turbos. They will make a short order of the hair algae. Once that is gone. I would get a phosphate reactor. They are not that expensive or if you are handy you can make one yourself. Run the phosphate reactor with RowaPhos. Just my .02. Hopefully other will have opinions as well. Another, thing...cut back on feeding and don't use the DT's.
had afew of them snails. my tang knocked them off the rocks. so i gave them away. the tang was very aggresive toward them.but i will try wife doesn't feed the fish anymore.any body ever try phos-buster its says it instantly removes phosphate?