all glass aquarium over flow kit question.


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Can anyone tell me why the all glass aquarium overlfow kit tee elbow where the hole is squirting out air in the return tube. How can i stop this from hapaning. when you cover up the hole it stops shooting air into the display tank.??????????
That little hole is to stop back syphon, it shouldn't be sucking air. In fact it should be pushing water. Make sure its facing down.

What water pressure are you driving through it. Can you adjust this?
I have a magdrive 7 on it and have no way of adjusting the flow. Water is spiraticly squirting out but not constantly.

sincerly bryan
you can plug it will a little drop of aquarium silicone, but you want that hole there. The water coming out should be spitting back into the overflow, not the tank, and as Simon said, it shouldnt be sucking air. Are all the fitting secure?

BTW, you can adjust the MAg 7 by putting a ball valve on the outflow.
all of the fittings are tight and at the store where i bought it he told me to make that hole in the elbow bigger. i made it a little bit bigger and it still is shooting out air from the black loc-line tubing. The air bubbles do not constantly coming out but it comes out about every three seconds. Then the bubbles pop on my new coralife hqi fixture>>>>>>>>>.
I really dont think that is from the air vent. I wouldnt have made it any bigger, either, but what is done is done. Put some tape or your finger over, and see if that pinpoints it to the air vent. Is it possible the pump is sucking air somewhere else? Fluid dynamics indicate that bubbles would be pre pump, not post- which is why I am asking. If it does turn out to be definitely coming from the air vent, just plug it up with some silicone or superglue, You'll just need to make sure the end of the locline is right at or JUST below the water line, otherwise you'll siphon way too much water back to the tank.