Ammonia and Nitrates


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Since I added live rock to my tank about about three months ago I have not been able to get Ammonia or Nitrates back to 0, Ammonia hands around .025 and Nitrates around 20. I do weekly water changes of about 10G and have done a few larger ones 25 - 30 gallons trying to get things back to 0. The fish are showing no signs of stress and eat well. I am cleaning my skimmer about once a week, the foam from my return, overflow, and pwerheads 2 - 3 times a month, and the filterpad in the wet/dry once a month. The tank it only about 5 months old.
I feed dried seaweed when the clips are empty (4 times a week) and megamarine daily.

I know these numbers are not off the charts but I would like to get them down before adding anything else to the tank. Some things I have considered is increasing the sandbed to 4", adding a hand on fudge, and/or cleaning or removing my bioballs.