Anemone sucked up!


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So it seems this is not an uncommon occurance but I woke up this morning to find that my condy anemone was partially sucked up into the intake of my powerhead. I turned it of and was able to remove him without him being killed. I moved the powerhead back to the very top of the tank and hopefully away from his reach. A good portion of his tentacles(is that even right) are cut or missing. I have read that they need to be removed but I cannot find them in the tank. He seems to be recovering very fast he already found a new spot and has opened back up completely but now he looks really beat up. Any advice on how to avoid this in the future and how to help heal my anemone.
Use a sponge intake or even use an extra bio-ball on the intake to keep those wondering inhabitants out of the Powerhead! Hope it rocovers!
cover your inport of your PH's with some foam, aquaclear sells lil foam chunks for their smaller filters, I just cut those up into a 2x2 square and put them over the inport. Condys move a lot! so you need to take precautions for them. If its not torn up too bad the anemone will recover fine, condys recover faster than anyother anemone I've seen. Just give it a few days and leave it could move it to a hospital tank, but I dont think the added stress is worth it. Just get your PH's covered and you'll be good. Here is a link to the foam filter blocks that I use.

great thanks guys i think i have some foam from a fluval fitler that i have at the house. I dont need to glue it on right the sucktion should keep the sponge in place correct?
yeah what I do is cut a solid block and then make an "X" with a knife about half way in and just stick it on the outport and the suction will kepp it on.
Some people say that ou need to remove the powerhead from the anemone, but I like to let my anemone remove himself form the ph. Just make sure th power is off. Foam works, but ou need to clean it regularly or it will become a nitrate producer.
Thanks for all the advice guys i would have replied earlier but my stupid internet has been out at home since last night. The condy is doing well and I think I will probably use the sponge method. Thanks again