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This has been in my tank for a while, but today I noticed it moving in the current. It seems to have tiny protrusions all over it. Any Idea what it is?
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Hard to say. I have tiny pocillopora frags all over my tank from when mine spawned or something. They look very similar. Have you had a pocillopora in your tank? If not, then probably a sponge.
I would say a hard coral frag or a sponge. I have one in my tank as well but its tiny. Its hard to say with just a pic. Is it hard?
Id say it looks like a coral to me as well... give it some time and see what it turns into!
Ok I took another look at it today. It does appear to be hard until the lights get on it. It seems to swell slightly and get a little hairy.
Definately sounds like some coral. Good luck and keep us posted on its growth
I had an unknown that grew from nothing... mine's currently a neon plate coral that's about 3/4 of an inch big.
That is cool. The only thing I had grow from an unknown was a rock full of zoanthids