anyone have experience with harlequin shrimps?


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just got 2 from petland, they told me it is a pair but i actually look up internet, both of them are male(or) female, just wondering if anyone had experience with them? im currently feeding sand sift stars, the bigger shrimp never allow the small one to touch the star. should i return 1 of them? or cut the star in half for them to share?
p.s. if anyone have a clear picture of male/female harlequin shrimps, could you upload it here? :p also, if anyone have 2 of the same gender and want to trade 1 (if they are oppsite gender from mine) please say so :D
thanks very much!
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take a look at their abdominal legs... if they are clear, it's male; blue tips, it's female
both of them have somekind color on their abdominal legs, not blue but somewhat brownish red (faint color) so are they both female? here is a picture:
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Harlequin shrimp are very cool, I'll admit. But please, for the animals' sake, do your research first and watch out on making impulse purchases. It only leads to dead animals and empty wallets... :(
first of, i did my research before i buy, but somehow their abdominal legs' color change al the time (sometime very dark, sometimes no color...the heck)
second, i have enough food source to keep those animals forever (i get free starfish pieces)
the only thing screw me over is the 'pair' of shrimps i got, they are not an actually pair. but i still manage to keep them alive and live together. but i'd rather to have a pair so i dont have to feed 2 pieces of starfish at sametime and polute my tank