Anyone in Douglasville?


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Im moving out to Douglasville and was just curious if anyone else was out there? Ive currently got a neglected (this is what happened when you let someone else take care of it for 3 years) 75 gallon tank back in Nashville, TN and will be moving it here and upgrading it to alarger built-in tank. Right now there isnt much to trade but hopefully that will all change soon.

Does anyone know of any good pet stores over in the area? So far the best store Ive found in ATL is <span style="color: black;"><span style="font-family: Verdana;">Cappuccino </span></span>Bay, luckily its not too far.
there used to be a good one here in Carrollton but has since moved out. My advice is to order everything off the internet, thats what i started doing because the drive to atlanta is not worth my time unless it is an emergency.
I live in Dallas,,, but I service the D'ville area....770-827-8822
Call me if you are serious and I can show you references.
Randy sold out.... The store in D"ville that bought him out is (believe it or not) called The Puppy I have been installing the tanks in there for the last 3 weeks. Not sure whether or not they are going to change their name.... (My advise to them is to)
They will be selling corals and fish.
pet showcase in hiram is supose to be really stocked. jimmy, the owner, will "beat any price". he was doing great deals on stands.