Anyone trading frags at the Sept meeting?


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We're at a location where we can bring in bags of frags and swap until our hearts are content.

Please remember to stay on C level (where the meeting will be held); Steve has to keep his tank off limits for a while this time, due to late patients.

I'll be bringing an unmounted green slimer frag for Kevin - I can probably cut a few more frags if anyone wants some.
I'm hoping to accept any donations of cheatomorpha, zoo's, ric's, zenia, soft corals, or snails to help stock my new nano tank, but have nothing to offer yet at this time. Please shoot me a PM if you are willing--I should be at the meeting towards the end since I have another meeting until 8:00pm that night. Thanks! looking forward to seeing everyone!
Mojo, I would love a green slimer, if you got one. I have some red monte cap frags, and some blue tip staghorn acro (I dont know what species exactly, but it looks an aweful lot like Stuber's acro). Let me know.
I unfortunately have nothing to trade this time, but if you have an extra piece chris I'll take one, or even buy it off ya, let me know. Thanks.

jmaneyapanda - if you have a frag of your blue tip staghorn acro, I'ld like a one, dont have anything to trade, but I'll throw you some money if ya want. Thanks.
i have 2 blue tips and 3 monte caps. lee, we can works something out, im sure.
I'll bring a half dozen or so frags of green slimer, and try to give them away to whomever wants a piece.
Thanks, Bob! Kevin, I'd love some colt if you were referring to my post...
I'll be bringing Xenia elongata, chaeto macroalgae, kenya leather, and one small neon green ric frag.

Looking to trade for hammer, frogspawn, or other LPS.
I may have some trags to trade gsp, bright orange zoos, and maybe some corkey fimger
I have to do a water change before the meeting so Im sure Ill have some frags to give/trade too... :
Haha, I read it too late too... but I did walk away with a slimer. Thanks Chris... that thing was slimey as heck!
Yep thanks for the slimer. when i picked it out of the water i had to pull it off my fingers with the other hand :)
Glad I could help out. I'll try to bring more in the future. The green slimer looks good and is very fast growing (at least in my tank) - most of those frags were grown in 4-6 weeks.

Not a bad deal, compared to"></a>

Here's a shot of the frag in GLXTRIX's tank:
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