ARC BoD Meeting Minutes - November 2006


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Written by Flipturn88

Date: 28 November 2006
Location: Tony’s Sports Bar and Grille
Minutes by: Kayla Swart (Secretary)

I. <u>Welcome</u>
The BoD meeting was called to order by Chris Horne (the current ARC President) at 7:32 PM.

- - - - - - - -

II. <u>Discussion</u>
The meeting was divided up into 5 topics, as listed below:
(1) Sponsors
(2) Date of General Meetings
(3) Membership Cards
(4) Cost of Dues
(5) MACNA Tickets
(6) ARC Membership versus Participation

(1.) Sponsors:
- Dilemma: local ARC sponsors have expressed concern about out-of-state ARC sponsors as potential competition.

- Resolution: the BoD decided to ask the local sponsors for their opinion regarding a solution via a snail-mail letter. This letter will also detail the requirements for being an ARC sponsor, and all sponsors will be required to adhere to these stipulations beginning January 1, 2007 in order to retain their sponsorship status.

(2.) Date of General Meetings:
- Dilemma: the possibility of changing the date of ARC meetings has been a subject for debate for as long as the club has been in existence; however, it is important to address on a regular basis.

- Conclusion: a blind poll will be posted on the ARC site that will ask all members to vote on their opinion of Tuesday night as the standard time for General Meetings. The results will be visible to all members after they vote.

(3) Membership Cards:
Dilemma: the upcoming year means former memberships will need renewal and new ones will occur. As a result, the old cards cannot be seen as valid without proof of renewal.

Conclusion: the BoD voted and all were in favor of ordering 500 more cards with bar codes, which will enable automatic renewal of membership or the establishment of a new one. The card design will not change, but the cost for adding bar codes incur an extra $0.12 per card.

[Note: Chris will code for when membership ended.]

(4) Cost of Dues:
- Dilemma: the cost of membership dues to the ARC is currently $20 (with an additional $1 for Pay Pal transactions), but this price has not increased since the club began collecting dues, and recent purchases have suggested a need to do so.

- Conclusion: three non-BoD members, Kevin Jessop, Tony Sciarini, and Gwen Steburg, created a proposal to give the Board the right to change the membership dues up to 10% per year since the last change. This proposal was submitted to the BoD, approved, and will be posted as a poll on the website.

(5) MACNA Tickets:
- Dilemma: currently, all BoD members are given free tickets to MACNA conferences, but this is a drain on the ARC club&#8217;s monetary reserves and its value is questionable.

- Conclusion: all meeting participants (BoD members and guests alike) were in favor of changing this legislation to becoming a decision that is at the discretion of the BoD; in the future, to whom MACNA tickets are given will be voted upon and resolved by BoD members.

(6) ARC Membership versus Participation:
- Dilemma: there are many active participants on the ARC board who are not members of the Club.

- Conclusion: a reminder email will be sent out automatically once per month to all registered users of the ARC website who are not members of the Club. A new member thread will also be created in the future to welcome all new members and potentially entice others to join with offers such as free frags and livestock. Furthermore, the homepage message will be different for non-ARC members, providing them with a reminder of their current status.

- - - - - - - -

III. <u>Adjournment </u>
The BoD meeting was adjourned by Chris Horne at approximately 9:25 PM.

I. The BoD voted on and passed a unanimous decision not to pay more than $100 for a venue for an ARC General Meeting location.

II. It should also be noted that the BoD (Chris, Steve, Kayla, Bob, and Ray) had a quorum and each motion passed unanimously.