ARC December 2005 General Meeting Minutes


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Written by Phantom Phish <u>ARC General Meeting Minutes</u> <p style="text-align:left;">Date: 13 December 2005
Location: EdoÂ’s Japanese Steakhouse, N. Druid Hills, Atlanta
Minutes by: Chris Clark (ARC Secretary)

1. 7:40 p.m.: Meeting called to order by Steve Shindell (ARC President), who welcomed all in attendance and thanked EdoÂ’s restaurant for graciously hosting our meeting and Holiday Party.

2. The minutes of the preceding General Meeting (8 Nov. 2005 at Aquarium Showcase), were approved as posted, by vote of the members present.

3. <u>TreasurerÂ’s Report:</u>

Income Statement (as posted by Bob Lemcke –ARC Treasurer)
Total Income........... $368.00
Total Expenses......... 848.28
Net Profit /(Loss)....($480.28 )

Total Cash and Cash Equivalents as of 11/30/05: $9,162.60

4. <u>State of the Club, and summary of activity for 2005:</u>
Steve Shindell gave a brief summary of the state of the ARC, and highlighted some of the years activities and accomplishments, including:

a) Club membership: The ARC saw an increase in membership in 2005, with memberships being up approximately 50 % over 2004.

b) ARC Sponsorships: The ARC was fortunate to increase sponsorships this year, with approximately 23-24 reef related businesses now sponsoring the ARC and offering discounts to our members. This reflects an increase of approximately 100% over last year, and several more are likely to be added before this year is completed.

On behalf of the club, Steve acknowledged and thanked Chris Guinn (ARC Sponsor Liaison) for his tireless efforts and tremendous work in helping to acquire so many sponsors.

c) Donations:
In 2005, the ARC and its members made substantial donations to the Tsunami Relief efforts, and to ReefCheck, in addition to the Georgia Aquarium.

d) ARC Powerbuys:
Powerbuys increased 100% in 2005, going from six in 2004 to twelve in 2005. Jon Dimalanta (ARC Powerbuy Coordinator) and all of our ARC sponsors were thanked for making this possible.

e) SWU:
The inaugural Saltwater U event was held at the Atlanta Zoo in May, and was a tremendous success. Plans for next yearÂ’s SWU2 are already well underway. Next yearÂ’s event will be even larger, with the event taking place over 3 days with a preconference and scuba diving trip to GrayÂ’s Reef.

f) Reciprocal Club Arrangement:
The ARC instituted a reciprocal agreement with other reef clubs (for example the South Carolina reef club) in which members of each club can enjoy benefits of the corresponding club.

g) ARC signage in sponsoring businesses:
The ARC has placed signs/stickers (Designed by Sarah Kruger) in our sponsoring stores, increasing our visibility to other “Reefers” in the Atlanta area.

h) MACNA 2008:
The ARC is continuing its plans to host a MACNA meeting, and is considering hosting the 2008 MACNA meeting in conjunction with SWU.

5. <u>New Members:</u>
Steve asked if there were any new members at tonightÂ’s meeting. Five new members raised their hands, and they were welcomed into the club by all present.

6. <u>Second December Meeting:
A reminder was given that there will be a second meeting this month. Steven Pro will be in town for the holidays and has agreed to again speak to the ARC. This will be a special event meeting, on Dec. 27 at the Palisades conference Center, and will be free of charge to ARC members.

7. <u>December Powerbuy and new Sponsor:</u>
Announcement was made of the December powerbuy, hosted by the ARCÂ’s newest sponsor, The Filter Guys. The Filter Guys are an Internet based business ("></a>) located in Minnesota, who specialize in the sale of RO/DI units, membranes, filters and related accessories.

For the powerbuy, The Filter guys will be offering ARC members 20% off RO membranes, DI resins, resin cartridges, poly sediment filters and carbon block filters. In addition, as ARC sponsors, The Filter Guys will be offering 10% off non-filter media related items (such as in-line TDS meters). Please see the TRT website for details on participating in this powerbuy.

8. [B]<u>Bernie Marcus Letter:</u>[/B]

The ARC received a very nice letter from Bernie Marcus (Founder and Chairman of the Georgia Aquarium). The letter has been posted on the TRT website and readsÂ…

[I]Dear Steve and Members of the Atlanta Reef Club:

I am truly grateful to your club and its members for their immense support of the Georgia Aquarium. I know many of you volunteer at the Aquarium and have made financial donations, as well as being great advocates for fish and the Georgia Aquarium.

A good friend of the Aquarium, Dr. Sylvia Earle, has told me about her involvement in the Saltwater U symposium developed by your organization. I am glad to know that next year's event will be held at the Aquarium.

I commend your efforts for responsible Aquarium care and for being such good stewards of the aquatic realm.


Bernie Marcus
Chairman of the Board
Georgia Aquarium </em>
Steve has drafted a letter in return on behalf of the ARC.

9. [B]<u>Georgia Aquarium Donations:
</u>[/B]The ARC and its members made the following donations to the Georgia AquariumÂ…
$13,150 from ARC members
$1,000 from the ARC (ARC club funds)
Ray Davis and Bruce Carlson (both of the Georgia Aquarium) were present at the meeting and thanked the ARC and itÂ’s members for itÂ’s support, stating that the Aquarium staff greatly appreciates the efforts of the club, including not only its donations, but also the many Club members that serve as Aquarium volunteers. An acknowledgement of the ARC will be displayed at the Georgia Aquarium, and will likely be located in the rotunda recognition gallery.

10. [B]<u>Certificates of Appreciation:</u>[/B]
Certificates of Appreciation were given to all club members that held appointed positions in 2005, and to the trustees and the officers of the BOD. As individuals that were present at the meeting were called forward, Steve thanked them and acknowledged their contributions to the club.

At approximately 8:00 p.m., the meeting was paused, to allow everyone to partake in the delicious food and drink they had ordered at the restaurant.

11. 9:15 p.m.: The meeting recommenced and Tom Wyatt (ARC member) announced that he had brought a number of sps frags from his systems, and would be giving them away to those present at the meeting who had tanks that could support these corals.

12. 9:20 p.m.: The guest speaker for this meeting, Noel Curry (President of Scientific Corals) began his presentation.

[B]<u>Noel Curry Presentation</u>[/B]

Noel Curry is the Founder and Chief Scientist of “Scientific Corals” ([IMG]"></a>, a leading producer of captive bred corals that sell to pet stores and hobbyists alike. The company was started in 1990, and grows captive corals in completely artificial closed systems (very similar to our reef tanks). After establishing sufficient quantities of stock cultures, Scientific Corals began selling corals to dealers in 1995 and directly to the public in 1996. In 2001, Noel decided to temporarily suspend sales in order to re-design the business, and recently began selling to the public again. His facilities are located in Lawrenceville, GA, but for security and proprietary reasons are not open to the public. Sales are by mail order only, and generally shipped via FedEx. Local pickups can be scheduled, but only if a minimum order is placed and prior arrangements are made with Noel (see [IMG]"></a> for details).

In his presentation, Noel described the set up of his propagation system (s). The design of his systems followed the principles of kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese term that translates to “improvement” or “to take apart and put back together in a better way”. Through this process of deliberate and patient refinement, the facilities at Scientific Corals were designed to maximize efficiency, and to insure that “no photon was wasted”. To achieve efficiency, low maintenance was a key feature in the design, and therefore many of the system components are automated, including the lighting, RO filters, and top off mechanisms. Noel further states, that the secret to successful propagation lies in doing the basics well. If filtration, lighting and water chemistry are managed well, the corals will grow. For filtration, Noel uses live rock, and also favors live sand beds that are approximately 4-10 inches deep. Noel also uses Ling’s Miracle Mud in combination with macroalgaes (various Caulerpa species) for additional nutrient export. Heavy skimming is also used, particularly in his sps systems. The water chemistry is largely managed by the use of calcium reactors, and lighting is by a combination of VHO fluorescent, and 250 and 400 watt MH’s of varying color temperatures (5.5Ks through 20Ks). Noel finds that tank temperatures of around 78 degrees F are best. The corals are gown on 6” by 6” acrylic plates supported my sections of PVC pipe to allow easy manipulation and fragging. If any nuisance algae appear, he likes to use Caribbean black urchins for added grazing.

After the presentation, Noel entertained questions from the audience, until both the minds and bellies of everyone present were full.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

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