ARC June 2005 General Meeting Minutes


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Written by Phantom Phish June 2005 ARC General Meeting Minutes

<u>June 2005 ARC General Meeting Minutes</u>

Date: 14 June 2005

Location: El Torero Restaurant, Duluth, GA

Minutes by: Chris Clark (Secretary)

1. 7:40 p.m.: Meeting called to order by Steve Shindell (President), who welcomed all in attendance and thanked Manuel Managa (host and owner of El Torero Restaurants) for hosting this months meeting at his restaurant.

2. <u>New Members:</u>

1 new member was present at the meeting, who introduced himself and was welcomed to the ARC.

3. <u> Announcement:</u>

An announcement was made that there would be raffles (tickets to be purchased for $1), and open auctions for several items, to be held during this meeting. Items donated by Seachem, Reeftopia, Ocean Runner, Scott MichaelÂ’s, Adventures in Diving and Reefermadness will be raffled or auctioned, with proceeds going to a donation for ReefCheck.

4. <u>SWU report and SWU2 planning:</u>

This yearÂ’s SWU event enjoyed great success, and planning for SWU2 is already underway. Margi Shindell has been re-appointed to Chair the SWU2 Committee.

A number of well respected organizations have already expressed interest in being involved with SWU2, including National Geographic, Grays Reef, and a Fortune 500 company. It is expected that SWU2, which is likely to be held at the Georgia Aquarium, will draw 400-500 attendees. SWU2 will have 501( c )3 status for next year, allowing organizations to make charitable (tax-deductible) donations and grants to SWU2.

5. <u>Georgia Aquarium Report:</u>

As noted in the media, the Georgia Aquarium has already received a large number of fish (100,000 reported), including two whale sharks (Ralph and Norton).

A pledge drive is now underway with a goal of collecting $10,000 for the Georgia Aquarium. Pledges are being accepted now, with actual donations to be collected latter in the year. These donations can be claimed as tax deductions.

At the meeting, several pledges were made, including generous donations from My Reef Creations, Chris Guinn and Sally Densmore.

6. <u>Recycling Program:</u>

Announcement was made of the ARCÂ’s plan to institute a recycling program for the disposal of lights. A recycling company has been identified who will dispose of old fluorescent and MH bulbs for ARC members. Details of this program to follow.

7. <u>Alabama and Tennessee trips:</u>

Trips are being planned to Alabama (Living Reef) and Tennessee (Chattanooga Aquarium). Interested club members should watch the boards for details.

8. <u>MACNA:</u>

A reminder was given that MACNA is being held in the Washington DC area Sept. 16, 17, and 18. Interested members should make reservations now to receive the available discount.

9. <u>Eric Borneman Salt Study:</u>

Eric Borneman is conducting a study of aquarium salts, and is in need of additional salt samples. Club members interested in donating one or more salt samples can see details on the ARC website, Reef Discussion forum, in the thread titled "Want to help Eric Borneman?"

10. <u>Raffles and Auctions:</u>

A raffle was held in which lucky winners took a signed copy of Scott MichaelÂ’s "Marine Fishes", numerous Seachem products and other prizes home. In addition a large number of free items were available for the taking.

Several auctions were also held, with winning bids as follows:

Seachem RO unitÂ…..$55

Reeftopia certificateÂ…$50

Ocean Runner 2500 pumpÂ….$35

Reefermadness certificateÂ….$30

Adventures in Diving OW certificationÂ…$75

11. <u>MASNA Photo Contest:</u>

MASNA is conducting a photography contest. Entries can be submitted in several categories, and will be judged by well-known people in the aquarium industry, with prizes awarded. See"></a> for details.

12. [B]<u>Underwater Photography Slide Show:</u>[/B]

The highlight of the meeting was an extensive slide show presented by our host for the evening, and owner of nine restaurants, Mr. Manuel Managa.

Manuel Managa has extensive experience diving and photographing underwater scenes throughout the worldÂ’s oceans, including sites in the Caribbean, off of South America, and in the South Pacific. Mr. Managa has used a Nikon RS 35mm underwater film camera, as well as a Nikon F5 in an underwater housing to create his extensive portfolio of underwater photographs, many of which have been published in his book, which was available to view at the meeting. Mr. Managa briefly mentioned some of his photographic techniques, but the presentation was largely a viewing of his large photographic library. Included were shots of a shipwreck near Pensacola, Clownfish and anemones in Palau, Queen Angels in Cozumel, and Octopus in San Salvador; along with pictures of cup corals, seahorse, flame scallops, Turbinaria coral, Batfish, sharks, turtles, and many more.

His presentation was truly one that needed to be seen, as mere words fail to capture the beautiful imagery he showed.

13. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:50pm, although the Margaritas continued to flow well after thatÂ…

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