ARC May 2005 General Meeting Minutes


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Written by Phantom Phish 10 May 2005 General Meeting Minutes <u><p style="text-align:center;">May 2005 ARC General Meeting Minutes
</u><span style="font-size: 12px;">Date: 10 May 2005
Location: Cappuccino Bay Aquarium, Marietta GA
Minutes by: Chris Clark (Secretary)
<li>7:30 p.m.- Meeting was called to order by Steve Shindell (President), who welcomed all ARC members and guests, and thanked Cappuccino Bay Aquarium (CBA) for hosting the meeting. An announcement was made that CBA has graciously agreed to extend a 20% discount to all club members who make a purchase this evening (after the meeting, the standard 10 % discount to ARC members will apply).</li>
<li>An announcement was made that minutes from the previous General Meetings are available on the ARC website.</li>
<li>Saltwater U:
Saltwater U will take place Saturday May 21 at the Atlanta Zoo. Our ARC sponsors have been tremendously gracious and generous, and have helped the Club inordinately to put together this event. All club members were encouraged to express their gratitude to our sponsors for their tremendous help.
The speakers list for SWU was detailed, including: Dr. Sylvia Earle, Eric Borneman, Scott Michael, Dr. Bill Light, Walt Smith, Jeff Swanagan, Chris Hetlage, James Hrnyshyn and ARC\'s own Ray O\'Connor.
Many of the items to be raffled at SWU were listed, and the Frag Swap that is to be held during SWU was highlighted.
<li>Future ARC General Meetings:
Next months meeting (June) will most likely be held at a local restaurant and include a short presentation from the restaurant\'s owner on underwater photography. Check the ARC website for confirmation.
Future meetings were discussed, including the possibility of a summer BBQ, and a club meeting or holiday party at the Georgia Aquarium.
<li>Announcement of new ARC sponsor:
The ARC has a new sponsor, Florida Pets ("></a>. Florida Pets is an on-line \"e-tailer\" located in Cocoa Florida, who provides invertebrates (snails and critters) in addition to macroalgaes. Florida Pets is offering a 10% discount to ARC members, and will do group buys.
<li>Welcome of new club members: [INDENT]New club members were welcomed and asked to briefly introduce themselves. Steve then gave a brief history of the ARC, and highlighted some of its future goals. The BOD members and Committee Chairs present then introduced themselves to our new members and guests.
<li>Committee help: [INDENT]An announcement was made that all committees could use help, and club members were encouraged to contact the appropriate committee chair to volunteer any help they can give.
<li>Georgia Aquarium Committee report: [INDENT]The ARC, through the Georgia Aquarium Committee, is designing a reef tank that will be located in the gift shop of the Georgia Aquarium, and viewed by large numbers of aquarium visitors. The design phase of the tank is currently in a \"holding pattern\", as the exact size and shape of the tank is yet to be determined (it is likely to be an 8 foot tank).
The Georgia Aquarium Committee is also working to raise funds for the Georgia Aquarium.
</ol>[INDENT][INDENT]Bob Lemcke, who is also active in MASNA, gave a brief description of this organization for those who might be unfamiliar with this group. MASNA is a national organization that aims to encourage the growth of the marine aquarium hobby and support captive breeding and propagation efforts, while eliminating abuses in collecting and transporting marine animals. In these efforts MASNA has been instrumental in a number of reef aquarium industry issues, such as the banning of Caulerpa in California.
On the lighter side, MASNA will holding a photo contest in the near future judged by Anthony Calfo, Scott Michael and others.
More information about MASNA and its programs can be found at [IMG]"></a>.
[/INDENT]10. Cappuccino Bay Aquarium:
[INDENT]Bobby (of CBA) gave a quick presentation of the store.
CBA has been in business for approximately three years, and is currently undergoing an expansion with the addition of new tanks for housing even more corals and clams for sale.
[/INDENT]11. Door Prize/ Raffle:
[INDENT]A door prize/raffle was held, with the lucky winner taking home an autographed copy of Anthony Calfo's Marine Invertebrate book.
[/INDENT]12. "Clam Bingo":
[/INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]For those who had participated in the clam powerbuy, a "Clam Bingo" was conducted by Jesse, in which the "picking order" of the prize clams was determined by lottery. The participants in this event took many beautiful clams to new homes.
[/INDENT]13. The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 p.m.