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alrighty to those who have the amazing corlife super skimmer there are some mods that you can do to it so you wont run the risk of it over flowing, or atleast reduce the risk of that happening. Found these few mods over on RC and we all know its hard to search or even find stuff we want to see over there so I figured I'll post what I have done to help out. 1st mod is the major one, this is to trash the bubble difuser thing that comes with the skimmer or use it as a lil trash can at your desk, this thing creates backpressure with will in turn help your skimmer to over flow. What ya do is goto home depot and buy a 3/4 pvc straight connector attach it to the skimmer ( you can just remove the grey elbow that is there) and route the output how ever you would like, just make sure that it doesnt go under water, thats where backpressure comes into play again. As you can see from my pic I threw some elbows in there, but that was just so it would fit all nice in my lil AC500 deal. Ok, next mod is super simple, for the collection cup just drill a hole in the side and run flex tubing to a res. bucket to collect the crud, careful tho on the drilling, I cracked a piece out of my cup, but it glued back nicely :) And the final mod. This one is up to you to do, the venturi line for the pump, route that up to the top of the collection cup and put it in that hole up there, that way there is always moist air getting thu the venturi line and it wont close up from builup of salt or whatever. Granted yes its best to have fresh air in there, hence why I say you can do it if you wuld like. And the final thing to say befor I end this, remember that a needle wheel skimmer is very picky with water level, so its best to have an auto top off"></a>
to keep your water levels as maintained as possible, plus its cheap to make and makes life simple. Well thats about it, if you have any questions feel free to ask and always remeber do this at your own risk, I'm not responsible if things go wrong. toodles.

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kappaknight wrote: LOL, I thought you were asking for help for cascading style sheets.

That was my first thought, too... :cheers: