Base Rock - Sand for a 90G from a 37G


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I'm moving to a 90G from a 37H. I have about 70lbs of live rock and a 2in sand bed. I would like to get about 100lbs of base rock. Where can I get some cheap base rock in Atlanta?

I will be using the play sand from HD along with the existing sand bed (southdown) to get a 4in sand bed on the new setup. I've read about the pros/cons on using the HD sand, but I can't get my hands on any southdown. Do I need to cure base rock? How about the new sand?

Dont know enough about HD play sand to intelligently comment (I would not use it myself though)

As far as Base Rocks go - - Call Capt Jer.

They usually run $1.80 per lbs and if you check out the web sight it gives you all you need to know. I have ordered from him twice and will do so again. Very nice Base rock.
Marine Fish usually has some really nice base rock...

I have about 100lbs of Southdown if youre interested.