Best HOB filter for QT


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Hey all, my 120g is into it's 2nd week of cycling and I just bought a 29g to use as a QT. I have been spending the past couple days researching quarantining, why, how, the process of, etc.

What I want to know is, what is a good HOB filter to use?

I have read of people using sponge filters, so when the tank is not in use, you can break it down and just grab the sponge and toss it into your sump to keep the bacteria growing on it, so when you need to set the QT back up, you just add 50% main tank water and 50% new SW and grab the sponge out of the sump and put it back in the QT and it will have enough bacteria on it to handle the bio-load of whatever you put in there.

I have also read of people using bio-wheels, but then would you have to put the whole unit in your sump and have the pump running to keep the bio-wheel filled with bacteria? I just don't like the idea of another pump running in my sump and I don't have much room in the sump to put the bio-wheel.
I would prefer something I could take out and throw in the sump to keep bacteria going and then be able to break down the QT when not in use, but still have the ability to set it up and use it in the same day.

I have read that the sponge filters aren't that great, so that is why I am shying away from them.

Are there other alternatives? What does everyone here use?

Also, since my main tank is new, how long should I run whatever filter I decide on in the sump to generate the proper amount of bacteria to support the bio-load of the QT?

Thanks all.
I'm not a fan of filters and I really don't see the need for one on a QT. Keeping a sponge in your main display or using a biowheel will cause problems.

Although I've never had a QT, but I do have my temp Zoa Hospital tank- it's setup like a normal reef tank.

The skimmer isn't running yet, but it has a skimmer, heater, PC lights, and a PH (powerhead).

You don't cycle a QT so the bacteria you are talking about is not needed. You surely don't want an ammonia spike when you add a critter to QT. I made a new batch of SW, increased the temp, then added the zoas. No die-off so no cycle.

-your goddess of the sea people ;)
yeah also stay away from biowheels, theis sole purpose is to contain nitrate bacterias, none of which is good for a SW tank. Fresh water tho, those things rule!!!