Best way to kill nuisance corals?


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I've got a kenya leather and pom pom xenia in my tank that I've been trying to eliminate b/c I don't want to continuously prune them. What's the best way to selectively kill nuisance corals without harming others? Will Joe's Juice work?

The leather had grown onto a rock. I removed the whole guy as best I could, but left some root-like growths on the rock. These have since sprouted a new stalk.

I tried cutting the xenia as close to the base as possible, but now I see new growths.

In both cases, other corals are attached to the rocks, so I can't just remove the rock. Any ideas?
I'd definately be interested in your pompom if it grows again and your kenya leather. I have had luck with ripping colt coral off of the rock by just grabbing by the foot and pulling.
yes in both cases any tiny bit will regenerate. The best thing that I can think of would to either remove the rock and scrub it really well with some type of brush, or remove as much as you can and coat the area with superglu, that should do the trick ;)
Or trade the rocks with someone who wants them for rocks without nuissance corals on them...
I don't want to trade them. In the case of the xenia, I have a nice colony of glove polyps on the same rock I want to keep. With the leather, it's a base rock that supports other rocks. I don't really want to reaquascape just to get the leather out.

I think I'm going to try Joe's Juice first, superglue second, and chisel third.
I dont think you want to do anything that will kill it in place. That will add a lot of nutrient and possibly toxins to the wtaer column. Cut off as much as you can, and do the superglue or epoxy thing.
Back when I had the pretty weeds in my aquarium, I'd cull the herd by pulling the rock, chopping as close as possible, then scrubbing with a brush to get the vestiges off.

On a semi-related subject, I noticed they put them in the reef exhibit at the aquarium. I suppose it's only a matter of time on that. :)
Sounds Like you have a money making machine there!! I have seen people buy it all on RC. Invest in some cheap thermos' and heat packs and ship it off to people on RC. Believe or not there are folks who can and do kill those and pay to get more. I would just keep cutting and selling it and let the paypal account swell. We have the same problem here in Augusta...can't give it away!!
I can kill off a perfectly healthy xenia in a heartbeat....whether I want to or not!
aahha ms.k i had that same problem lol it waas taking over my tank and over night it jus tall died!!! but i liked it. it started growing and i didnt even know i had any in my tank. i had bought some like a year before and then a year later it goes crazy but when i bought it it disapeared so i thought it was gone. i also have a unkown leather coral that grows crazy i am bringing some to my first ARC meeting on the 12th.