Best way to move new tank?


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When moving my old tank, I've always left the substrate in the bottom barely covered with water. It wasn't much of an issue b/c it's only 30 gallons. I just bought an established 72 gallon tank, however, and am unsure about the best way to move all the live sand. Will bagging it all have any adverse effect on the tank when setting it back up? Anyone have any other suggestions?

check this thread out it is close to what you're doing
It's close to what I'm doing, but not exactly the same. That guy could afford to treat his setup as a new tank and make sure it's cycled before he adds livestock. My new tank, however, includes two percula clowns, a potters angel, a yellow goby, a blue damsel (anyone want a damsel?), a bulb anemone, and a colt coral. I might be able to put the coral and the anemone in my nano cube or 30 gallon tank temporarily, but the fish will be too much.
As of now I'm planning on rinsing the sand very well in salt water before I move the tank, and get it set up and running the same day. Soon after I'll add the fish. I'll just keep a close eye on the water quality and do frequent water changes if necessary.

Better ideas, anyone?
If you are gonna be adding livestock right away, I would follow the advice given there and not reuse the sand ~ its your tank.
Good luck with the move. Maybe you can borrow a small tank or buy some rubbermaid containers to hold the live stock in until the water levels settle down. I've kept live stock in a plastic container with a powerhead and hangon filter for a weeks.
Ok, update: I've got the tank moved, set up, and running. We were able to move the tank without having to remove the sand. It's been running w/ water only (mostly new water) for about 15 hours now, and the nitrites and nitrates are at zero. I added some live rock (about 25 lbs.) and about 10 gal of old water. I'll test the water in a few hours. If the tests come out fine I plan on moving the rest of the liverock (except for that which has mushrooms, etc. growing on it) and let it run 'till tomorrow evening. If the water still tests fine I plan to start aclimating the fish and other livestock. Does this plan sound okay to everyone?
You should probably add a small amount of the livestock each day, while testing your level daily.
Ok, will do. There are only 5 fish, an anemone, some mushrooms, and a leather coral. The leather's not loking too happy in it's container- I'll move it and the bulb anemone tomorrow if the tests are still good.