Bonaire Dive Trip Oct 25th ~ Nov 1st : Anyone interested in joining.


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Hi Guyz,

For those that dont know me, every year I organize an all inclusive dive trip to somewhere really unusual. This year its at Bonaire (South Carribean) between the dates of Oct 25th 2008 and Nov 1st 2008. Its a Saturday to Saturday, so you'll need to take a week of work.

Seven people have already confirmed and are booked in and got the rate of $1583 all inclusive. All I am looking for is an eighth person to share a room with one other diver. It is a boyz trip this time so sorry ladys you'll have to wait for next year.

Here is the deal, All inclusive;

Direct Delta flight from ATL to BON and return on the date above
Hotel - Buddy Dives
Rental Car - We'll get twp trucks to share
Breakfast (American style)
Unlimited Diving (Air and Nitrox) Day and Night (24hrs a day)
6 boat dives - to outer reefs
Airport Taxes, etc.
Weights and Tanks - all you can use.

All you'll pay extra for is, Lunch and Dinner and of course alcohol ;-) and a few will be drank I'm sure.

If you have air miles that you can redeem you'll be able to save $808.00.

Full vacation insurance can be had for an extra $59.00.

Now how can you beat that. Honestly I dont make money on these trips, I don't even deal with the money stuff, you will go through a travel agent. All I am looking for is to have an awesome time diving and having laughs throughout.

Contact me if your interested. As I said above, all I am looking for is one more but if there are a few I can organise another great deal.

Oh, I should tell you, you will be diving with some pretty senior aquarists from the ATL area who some are ARC members.

Simon 770 653 2286