Briareum Frag


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I just got a free frag of Braireum and when I received it in the mail it had been jostled pretty hard. It was in 3 pieces, 2 in the bottom of the bag and 1 still on the plug. I glued the 2 pieces back on the plug trying to not glue the dark purple soft tissue. I put it on my reef on a moderate flow, medium light LR and when I woke up this morning it looked the same. None of the polyps have extended. Could the shipping have been too much for the Briareum? Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this coral! Thanks in advance!
it can take a good few days for that to open up...the first piece I've ever had of that took about 6 days to open, then another took about 4 hours, it really all depends on the coral and how ready it is to come out. Dont be worried tho, it should be ok.