Can I borrow a Bristle Worm Trap??


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After reading the other bristle worm thread, I think I should try to catch the two (I know of) in my tank. :eek:

If someone has a trap, could I borrow it for a few weeks? Please bring to the meeting. Thanks!
99% of bristleworms in our tank are completely harmless and very good for cleaning out the system.

Poor bristleworms. I feel bad for the one that got stuck to the superglue last night when I was fragging :(
I like to get those bristle worm once catch them.

Poor me been looking for worms for sometime now
These two in my tank are several inches in length and live in the live rock, not the sand. I was never concerned about it before, b/c everything I had read said they were harmless. Now after reading what was written on the other thread, I should get them outta there.

I should have been tipped off when I saw one eating through a blue ridge coral and the other trying to catch a snail.

Live and learn. :doh:

Anyways, I still need a trap!
I looked in my tank today to find a huge (at least 6 inches that were visible) bristleworm munching on a dead snail! I've noticed a decline in my zoos lately. I wonder if it's been munching on them too?

I tried to catch it twice but the d@mn thing is really quick and shot back into the live rock. I surely want to get something this big out of my tank for fear of what it might eat and the fact they just REALLY creep me out.

Does anyone have at least a ten inch long bristleworm trap or plans to build one?

Also, what's the difference between a bristleworm and fireworm?