caps bleaching or normal growth?


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got home today and noticed the tips of my orange cap where turning white. i got this cap a few weeks ago and it has been doing well..Do the cap ends turn white when they start encrusting or turn upwards...or is this just bleaching..??

the ends of the cap have become real thick and it looks like they are turning upwards. there is a toadstool next to the cap..maybe warfare?? i have another orange cap in the same tank and its borders have started to turn white, but not as bad...Or is this just normal growth,,or should the colour extend to the end ?its the first set of caps i've owned. any suggestions???

sorry couldnt get a better pic
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it look s to be just normal growth to me, if it were bleaching, you'ld see white in the center of the cap too, or an overall lightness in color. If its just edges, youre good.
White tips are GOOD on caps= new growth. You must be doing something right!If they white out in the center or at the base= trouble.
That looks normal to me. In my experience, when they bleach, the whole thing seems to bleach overnight....
today i looked into the tank and it looks like the tissue is coming off..i can see little bits floating ..still at the edges though , none in the center... The only thing i did different that i can account for is i added fresh carbon(1 cup in a 90 gall tank). Everything else looks great..noticed an increase on orp..could that be the cause?? (orp now at 470, usually 420)
If you ask me that toadstool looks awful suspicious... If you're loosing tissue, you have a problem. Don't know about the ORP, though. Maybe try to carefully cut it back around the edges to where the healthy tissue is, and move it out of the way of that leather.
Since not all the egdes are white (i.e. the top edge doesn't look white) I'd say it is not good. I think the leather is giving off a bit of chemical warfare and the monti is not happy.

Good point about the white edge not being all the way around. I just noticed that there looks to be some mushrooms close to the cap but I cannot tell how close from the pix. How close is the leather and shrooms? Can the leather be moved?