Chaetodonoplus angels in reefs


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I was wondering if anyone has kept any chaetodonoplus angles in their reefs. I know they are quite variable amongst the individuals, but I was hoping to hear what type of carnage ensued. I am tempted to look into scribbleds. Thanks.
Chaeto angels are one of the safer genuses of large angels for reefs. I have no experience with scribbled, but I have friends who keep conspics, flagfins, and goldflakes in full reef setups. There's always a few corals that fall victim or are removed before full damage is done. Various LPS and zoanthids are usually the victims, but you never really know which. I have a Pomacanthus imperator, and was warned that my trumpet corals and gorgonians would be toast. But he never touched them or my clams. He DID like my Lordhowensis and likes to "prune" my Tyree LE green polyp sarc. I now have little green polyp sarcs popping up all over the place because of the angel.

So it's a hit or miss. Full sps tanks are probably the safest. Proceed at your own risk. :)
I have several clams which are my primary concern. i will sacrifice the zoos and mushrooms. let me see if i can build up my nerve a bit.
A lot of times, they leave established clams alone, but go after newly introduced clams. The belief is that new clams exhibit stress chemicals that attract the fish to nibble. Established clams do not emit any 'flavor' to entice the angels. But that's not always the case. A curious nip from the angel can stress an established tridacnid and begin the process.