Cheapest place for Kent or SeaChem salt buckets?


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Does anyone know where the cheapest place for salt is right now, including the ARC discount? I'd prefer Kent or SeaChem (reef salt). Paying $45 / bucket is getting rediculous. We need a powerbuy....
mojo wrote: We need a powerbuy....
I second this. I'm almost to the end of my last mass salt buy which was a powerbuy from 2 or so years ago through that Athen's pet store (can't remember the name).
FYI - FS&M no longer accepts the ARC discount for salt.
Aquabuys gives a salt discount--10%. Do they carry your brands?
I just called to check on salt bucket prices:

Fish Store and More
Kent = $49.99 plus tax (no ARC discount)

Marine Fish
Kent = $51.99 minus ARC discount = $46.79 plus tax
IO Reef = $55.99 minus ARC discount = $50.39 plus tax

Cap Bay
no buckets of salt available right now
Just an update - we'll have a groupbuy with a LFS setup very soon. Still flushing out the details...
sweet, im going to need a bunch very soon! marine fish is where ive been buying Kent.cheapest i could find.
The group buy has been setup. See