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I really wasnt wanting to do this but I really dont see any way around it. Ive got a 90gal with MH lights and a 75gal sump (49gal of water). Now here is the issue, the sump is in the garage. Im going to build a small room around it but Im still worried about the heat. I must say, its awesome in the winter, it keeps the tank cool! Before a simular setup stayed ok (right around 80-82) with everything running, I also have 2 fans in the canopy.

I know thats not going to happen with the sump having so much water in the garage!

Does anyone have any other ideas? I was looking at running an air vent to the small room, do you think that would work?

But even with that done, Im thinking the chiller would still keep the temperature a lot more stable.

For the chiller...
how big do you think I would need?
Whats the best brand?
Do I need a controller or do they come with a built in one?
Do I need anything other than plumbing and a pump?
My other issue, if you read the instructions on them, they require a lot of room on all sides, is this really needed? They make it sound like they should hang from the ceiling in the middle of a 10x10 room!
Check out PCI Chillers. I'm sure a 1/10th hp chiller would suffice and they come with controllers built in. Check out Ebay for prices. You don't need anything else other than a pump and the necessary plumbing. Can't help you on the room needed though.
Keep in mind that a chiller generates ALOT of heat. Placing it outside the house is ideal but in your situation keeping it in the garage may be just as good once you enclose the room around your other equipment.
Ive heard really good things about the Pacific Coast Import (PCI) chillers as well (and know a couple people that use them that are very satisfied).
If it were me, I would possibly make the jump to 1/6HP or 1/4HP to help aviod it running too often (and to equip yourself to allow for future upgrades).

dont give up i have a 300 with a 120 refugium and 50 gall sump in my garage, and i have to agree the water stays cold..its a battle to make sure it stays warm lol!. Placing fans on your sump will keep the water temps down. i installed a small exhaust fan on a thermostat on the ceiling of the garage to pull all the hot air out onto the attic in the summer.($60-$70 depending on how quite you want it to run at lowes or home depot) and i drilled 2 1/12 inch holes in the wall of my garage to pull in cold air from my crawl space under the house when the exhaust fan turns works like a charm.

The more water you have in your sump the better, the more water will be less exposed to the heat of the halides, and more cooling will take place. I dont know about space requirements, but try adding a extra tank or rubbermaid container to hold more volume in the garage to help with cooling..your temp will go down. I run 3 metal halides and t5's on my tank,(im even planning on added a fourth) i dont have a problem with heat... i have a jbj artica chiller and i have never had to use it..

good luck