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So... I am driving to work this morning and what do I see? A house lit up with all diffrent kinds of lights! Of particular interest is a couple strings of blue lights, they look pretty darn close to the color of Moon lights.

Anyone know what wavelength they might be? I know from looking at the stores that LED lights are getting popular for Christmas-string lights, maybe a cheap moon solution?
I would think it would be a pretty bright moon idea, but I'm sure it could be worth the try.
Does the precise wavelength of "moon lights" matter all that much or just that it's a bluish moon-like glow?
I believe they're the new LED xmas lights. They are sold as white but have a blue hue to them...
doesnt mean anything as far as aiding in coral growth or nutrition, its purely aesthetic.
That would be interesting especially since they now have LED christmas lights
WOW you guys seriously think of everything. Thats a good idea i would put it to the test but i got them already. But they might think it is Christmas all the time and get angry. I dont know i'd have to talk to them.