Clam help


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Does anyone know at what point in a clams life does it loose its bysssus thread? got a maxima that ain't sticking to a rock. :help:
They don't lose their byssus threads or gland - they just don't always want to use it. Sometimes a clam is happy without attaching....
If its dropped its byssal threads it had attached previously, it's trying to move to a "better" location. Have you changed anything recently? lights, flows, neighbors, etc? Any of these couldve caused the move. Nothing major to worry about though. Just let it find a good home and leave it be.
I have seen clams stabilized with a short PVC ring cut from tubing. This is not too ugly if you cannot find a niche in the liverock. It is anemones I find hard to homestead. Obvously not helping you, but the juvenile should have been sold already settled onto a rock chip.