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Does anyone know why a clam would not attach itself to a rock. Right now i have it perched in the sand but it won't stay still. my deresa is staying put but i would really like the clam on a rock. it seems to be very happy in my tank and healthy at the same time. any tricks or recomendations?

what has everyone found to be the best additive/supplement to help corals and clams thrive. I use marine snow and reef calcium but i have heard conflicting things that seem to contridict each other.

what type of clam? These animals have a habit of finding where they feel happy, so have patience and keep observant. In general, an area with bright light, and less flow. Clams will need a alot of calcium and alk attention, and organics to "consume". Many promote phytoplankton, but I honestly dont. I think it causes more issues than it solves. If you have fish in the tank and feed them regularly, just worry arbout light, alk, and calcium, and you should be fine.
Some clams are sand clams, and some are rock clams. Make sure you have the clam where it wants to be.
Derasas are sand clams. They will actually attach themselves to a chunk of sand (and any fragments of coral they run into in the substrate). I have 2 and they do best on the sand and dropped off the rocks I put them on when I first got them. You could stick a piece of rock under the sand, but as soon as you remove it from the sand, I'm betting it'll detatch and be back on the sand.

As far as additives go, the big one for clams is phytoplankton. I use Kent Phytoplex because I'm lazy about refrigeration, but when I get my new setup going (this fall/winter), I'm planning to set up a grow-my-own system for live cultures.