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I am about to purchase a 180 gal. tank. I would love some ideas on the best way to have it drilled for a closed loop. I can have it configured anyway I want, but would like to use only two pumps. I may wind up using three, but prefer two. I plan on keeping SPS with a DSB. I will have a refugium, along with a calcium reactor, once I buy one, and probably a uv sterilizer. Any help would be appreciated.
Just as a second thought, you might look into Tunze propeller-blade powerheads on a controller. Lots of water flow with low amperage. If you go closed loop, you might check out loc-line flex fittings inside the tank to direct flow. MyReef [ARC sponsor] has used closed loops on his SPS tanks and sells many of the pumps necessary. He will speak at the 8 March meeting.