Colt Coral, Kenya Tree Coral


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Quick question. I was given a frag at the meeting the other night, It was called Kenya Tree and it looks a lot like a frag I got previously which was called colt coral. They are obviously related. The colt is a darker brown or tan but they look very close otherwise. Which brings me to my question. How do you distinguish between the two? (well the actual question was quick)
kenyas tend to have a thinner base vs. a colt, it tends to be thicker. Also a colt coral tends to release a mucus vs. the kenya which does not
I got another frag of something similar to the colt this weekend, it is a anthelia coral. I got it because of the purple stalk. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the full name. I can attach a picture later. It does not look like "waving hands" but it could be.