Compatability: Cherub Angel and other questions


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Hello all,

I have a few questions about new tank inhabitants. Let me give you a little background 1st. I have just set up a 75 gal COMUNITY reef tank with sump and Turboflotor 1000 protien skimmer, and powerheads of variooous sizes and strengths. I'm also running 2x250w 20K MHs and I'm planning on suplementing with T5's eventually. I just moved most of the livestock out of my 40 gal and into the 75. As far as fish go, I have 2 Ocellaris Clowns, 1 Yellow Watchman, 1 Firefish, 1 Pygmy Hawkfish, and a Bicolor Blennie. For inverts I have 1 Regular Porcelain Crab, 1 Anemone Porcelain Crab, Emerald Crab, Sand Star, Red Sea Star, BTA, Condy, Rock Anemone, 15 various Hermits, 5 Margarita Snails, 20 Atrea Snails, 12 Narcissus Snails, 6 Cerinth Snails, and a Feather Duster. To round it off, I have a colony of Frogspawn, a couple of heads of Anchor/Hammer Coral, Star Pollyps, Bright Green Mushrooms, Digitata, Lg Hairy Green Mushroom, Pipe Organ, Purple Gorgonia, Sml Candy Cane, and a Plate Coral. That's what I'm running and here are my questions:

1) I'm going to move a Cherub Angel from my 12 gal into the 75. Can I go ahead and put him in or should i wait to add him last (or at least close to last)?

2) Does anyone see a problem with adding my Pom Pom Crab and Sexy Shrimp into the 75? I know I may not see them very much, but is there anything mentioned above that will or even MAY eat them that I don't know about?

3) Does anyone have any suggestions on small fish i could add to my peaceful tank? Especially something that stays in the open a lot and has a good bit of personality. Something along the lines of a Yellow Tang, but not as popular (nothing against Yellow Tangs, I may end up getting one anyway). I also like small Gobies and things along those lines. Anything that would look good under the 20K's. Maybe a Jawfish or something?

Thanks to Everyone for your time!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Platus
I would go with Cardinalfish. My Pajama cards are great!! Always hanging in the open doing NOTHING!. Great fish.

Your hawkfish may eat your shrimp..At least mine did. All 3 skunk cleaners.. Caught the hawk with his mouthful of shrimp and antenna hanging out of his mouth.. It was cool, but then I thought that was a $30 meal...

As for the Pygmy..I see no reason not to added it now..they are peaceful
I've added a couple of fish since adding my Cherub Angel and I haven't had any problems. The fish I have doesn't seem to be aggressive at all. If you plan on keeping 2 dwarf angel you may want to add them at the same time though.