CoolWorks Ice Probe?


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Anyone have any experience with the Coolworks Ice Probe?"></a>

I am looking at a inexpensive way to keep my 20GAL reef at a more stable temp. The commercial AC type chillers are expensive, and using a fan evaporates too much water. Thanks in advance for the advice!
The iceprobe works fine, but 20gal might be pushing the limits of what it can do, depending on how much of a temperature pulldown you require. If you need more than about 5 degrees I wouldn't expect much.

The other thing to consider is that you need to either drill the side of your tank to install it, or you can mount it on a sump, etc. I've seen them mounted on HOB power filters before too, but I don't know how well that works.

You might look at the JBJ Nano Artica. It's a good price for a really nice chiller.
i think you have to drill a whole for it, also. i might be thinking of soemthing else, though.
I had mine through a whole in the top of my HOB AquaClear filter. It kept a 7g with a 70W HQI and 2X32 watt PCs stable, until it broke that is. The powersource melted down from some type of short, which may have been my fault due to salt creep or a drip... I do think it's rather small for a 20 gallon, and you may be better off using a computer fan blowing on the surface and a decent topoff device to replenish the evaporated water. Could be worth a shot, though.
I used a Coolworks Ice Probe on a 12g JBJ Nano Cube with 150w HQI. The Ice probe pulled the temps down about 3 to 4 degrees with the light on. After you subtract the rock's and sand it was only cooling about 8g of water, 20g is probably a bit much.
If you still want to try it I'm selling mine (got a bigger tank :> ) for 80 with proportional temp controller, used six months was 165 new.
Thanks for the Coolworks Ice Probe....I'll install it this weekend and let you know how well it works. I am looking at a 3-6 degree pull down and this should work perfect for my 20GAL Reef!