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I just cut a piece off my xenia and attached to a rock :) my first coral cutting maybe it will turn out.
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Hoping that if i keep it trimmed back it want jump and take over :)
just kinda using it as my first cut and if it works out im going to try and frag my zoos and work my way up to the rest of the frags.
thanks on the coments on the pics i spent almost half a day playing around with the camra trying to figure how to work the thing
Watch out when you frag those zoos they have some nasty toxins.
Thats what i have been reading on. i guess it would be better to remove them from the tank and wear rubber gloves.
gloves are a good idea when fragging any corals. Zoanthids have a tendancy to make you numb (dont ask how I know that) lol
I had some brown zoa's, my first coral and they grew like mad. They spread from rock to rock. I would reach in my tank and tear the rocks apart and give a frag to friends. I did this one night, and since I work in construction, i ususally have a cut on my hand. After about 45 min. after tearing apart Zoa rocks I started sweating and getting dizzy and feeling sick. It lasted about 1 hour. It felt like the stomach flu kinda. When I tore down my 150 gal. reef and set up my 210 I eradicated all of my ugly brown zoa's. Just be careful.
Well the photos are very sharp & clear- well done. The club has had an expert Bill Light speak about marine toxins. His best suggestion for hands going numb or pain is to immerse in *very* hot water at least ten minutes. Nitrile gloves can be found at drugstores and autoparts; they stand a little more abuse over latex. Prevention is a lot better than perhaps touching your lips or eyelids during fragmentation surgery.
Thanks for the input. if there is anyother hints tips tricks about fragging i got 2 open ears :)
The best book on fragging is Anthony Calfo " Coral Propagation", a thick spiral bound paperback. No photos but lots of personnal experience wisdom. His other book "Invertebrates" is the best basic beginner book on marine tanks. Usually with soft corals the slicing is easy, but finding a no-current spot to attach & grow may not be. Often a specific tank dedicated to culture is used. Xenia should be no trouble as it is a weed if it likes your husbandry conditions.
Thanks i will have to check out that book. so far i have cut some zoos and my corkey finger and all is doing well :) so far so good
A long time ago, I got apiece of Xenia that haf flatworms on it. I freshwater dipped it for 10 seconds at a time for 3 consecutive dips. The xenia popped right back and grew like a weed. Tough stuff!!!