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I have a couple of questions concerning my newly puchased coral. First is my "Pineapple" Brain Coral (Favites). In tank two weeks, tonight its got half inch long tentacles, look clear everywhere. Are they happy tentacles or upset tentacles? I also have a small leather which was a pretty mint green at the shop. Two days in the tank still 80% mint green, but has some webbing at the tips. To worry or not to worry?
Sometimes softies are died to give them different colors. I can't tell anything about that leather unless you post a picture. As far as your brain... it it has it's tentacles out, it is likely hungry and searching for food. Be careful if your leather is close to the brain, they can hurt eachother.
I wouldn't worry about them. Some corals look differently in different tanks because of the lighting. I doubt it was dyed. Also, leathers will slime up everynow and then, almost a shedding. Sounds like your leather is doing that. Any pics?
Will take some but can't seem to get them to post. I guess I don't have the right vers of explorer. Is there another way to post pics
The tenticles on the brain are both happy and mad tenticles. They come out for feeding time and through most of the dark hours and they sting corals that are too close to them..
There is nothing within 5 or 6 inches of it. How long are the tentacles? Its about 4X3.
The feeding ones are typically less than 1/2". They can send out 4-6" sweeper tenticles to attack things that are too close, however Brains don't typically do that....