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I just received a CPR overflow from Tony. I am a little perplexed on how to set it up using an Aqua Lifter Pump. I do not know which end goes where. I don't know if the end that blows air out goes in the water or how it works at all. Thank's:thumbs:
hook up both lines with your airline tubing and stick it in a bowl of water then plug it in... :)
Thank's Tony! The input goes in that little knub sticking out? and the out flow goes in the tank oor in the overflow in the water? Sorry for all the questions i've never had one of these things!
yup... you want it to suck out of the "little knub" on top of the overflow box and push water into the tank (or sump or where ever you want to run that line)
Yo Marron's Nice to meet you bro. Good luck with your new setup!!:up:
Thank's man I didn't know that was you lol! Nice ot meet you as well. You should bring your jetski up to lanier in the spring man!
Sold it my man!! Im probably going to get a Yamaha 210 wake boat.
I think I done with ski's, I need a boat. Got a women now lol, she doesnt like the ruff ski ride lol...