crazy turbo snails


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i have just recently within the last two or three weeks bought a bunch of cleaners including 100 turbo snails. Ever since i put them in my 75g tank almost all of the turbos have been hanging out on the glass around the top of the tank. they dont seem to be living up to there name.

Any reason why.

My turbo snails are usally all over my tank and rarely at the top. What type of turbo snails are they? Are you sure they are turbo snails? The Mexican Turbo snails are the kind you want.
i am not quite sure i purchsed them online from in the reef algea package #1 i believe the one that comes with 100 blue leg hermits, 100 nassarius snails, 100 turbo snails, 48 cerith snails.
the snails you got are astrae turbo snails. They will stay on the glass 99% of the time. I've almost never seen one of mine on the rock and I've never seen one grazing on my sandbed. 100 of them is a bit too much. Maybe you can sell some off and purchase a few mexican turbo's.
What kind of flow do you have, and do you have a skimmer? It's not likely, but it's possible that there's not enough oxygen in the water and they're crawling near the surface, where there's more...
thanks for all of the input. i know it is alot of snails but i couldnt find a package that came with all of those for less money. yes i have a coralife superskimmer and it works GREAT i also have a mag 7 for the sump return and three maxi jet 1200 as well as a coralife aquachill 1/4 hp. i believe that they have enough oxygen but theres always a chance.
If you have a skimmer that's anywhere near efficient, then O2 won't be a problem - it rarely, rarely ever is.

If you decide you want to get rid of some of those astrea snails (the ones with the cone-type shell), let me know- I've had a large die off in my recent tank crash.
i will let you know but i probably will not but you never know... thank you for your help. my skimmer is a coralife super skimmer 65 gallon. It seems to be doing a great job and is taking out some nasty stuff.