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Alright guys. My tank has been established for about 7 weeks. In the second weed i had a huge break out of diatoms. I think.(brown algae that covered the glass and sand). It slowed down a little but im always cleaning my glass about every two days. Now today i come home and The brown algae turned green. What is this and how can i get rid of it. How many gallons a week should i be changing. And how many hours a day should i keep the lights on for. Thanks.
Have you been testing your water regularly?
Have you started doing waterchanges yet?
Assuming your cycle is near completing its later stages, it may be close to the time to get a cleanup crew. Its perfectly normal to start seeing green algae at this stage.
Get a full test of your water and let us know how things are going...
Oh yeah. I have a 65 x 4 PC. a CPR bak pak skimmer. and a hang on the back Wally World filter. One more thing, i added a power head last night.
Water is testing good. nitrates-0 NITRITE-0, Ammonia -0. and PH 8.4. temp 78. salt- 1.024
I have observed several new tank setups and the new tanks always experience a diatom bloom sometime during the first 3 months. It lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks before they die back.
I've been fighting that in my anemone tank, had a sucidial anemone finally die and when I came back from vacation, diatome outbreak....been scrapin glass and changin water like crazy its def not fun, but it'll eventually go away.