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I was considering replicating a diurnal light cycle when I build my hood lighting. I am not sure I want to set up my lights for a darkness-full strength light-darkness cycle. I initially plan to have two compact 96w Sundaq quad tubes on either side of a 250w MH. The cycle I was considering would start was 1-hr of 1-96w, then 2-hr of 2-96w, then 10-hrs of 1-250w MH plus the 2-96w, then back to 2-96 for 2 hrs, and finish with 1-hr of 96w (total of 16-hrs). I plan to run the refugium on a reverse cycle with 1-96w quad tube on for 14-hrs. (see attached)

Has anyone tried a diurnal cycle and how did your tank respond?
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sounds good to me. I kinda do the same with my lighting, only on a smaller scale. I have my 48W of antitics turn on 1hr befor the 150W hallide turns on, and antitics 3hr after the halide goes off. Its extended to two more hours cuz I usually work late and seeing that the tank is in my office its nice to see things with antitic lights on.
I stole an idea from anoher reefer in that my Actinics come on first, then an hour later the eastern MH comes on, then 30 mins later the center MH comes on, finally 30 mins later the western MH comes on. At the end of the light cycle, the Eastern MH turns off first, then the center, then the west and finally the Actinics.

I have no idea if the animals know or care...:confused:

But it sure is cool! :thumbs: