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Hey Chris (et al),

After following the kalkwasser doser thread (again, KUDOS to Sammy 33 and JustOneMoreReef), it occurs to me that we may need a "DIY Solutions" forum. I know that they have a DIY thread on TRT, but maybe ours could be different. If it were me (thank the lord its not), I would like to see all questions placed on the main reef discussion thread.

However, when a solution is provided (and thus the thread would get very specific), it would move to the "DIY Solutions" forum.

This past (Kalkwasser) thread is a great example. The thread started on the discussion forum, but the solution could have moved over the the DIY solutions forum to continue. The title could be the problem that it solves. Then it could go on (and on) and be referenceable in the future.

Also, if you had a problem you could search the titles to see if there was already a solution to your problem.


Oh, Last but not least... I gave a lot of KUDOS to Sammy33 and JustOneMoreReef... But Maroon15 started the thread. Sometimes, the right question at the right time is the ticket!!!
It doesn't really mater to me, although I'm not sure if we have enough traffic to start another forum- take a look at the number of threads we have created on the Reef Discussion and the Lounge forums. There's just not that much being added.

You can already search from the any page and pretty much find what you need - there's just not that much content to search through (yet).

If everybody wants it, I'll create it. I'm just not sure it's needed yet.
You may be right... I'm the last to vote for making it more complicated :)

And. obviously, this did work...

Yeah, I don't think we need a new section yet. Maybe a DIY link on the homepage with links to the best DIY posts. Thoughts?

We can create a post named DIY and added links to DIY thread when they are created. The post can be set as a sticky so it's always at the top.
Good idea Showtime. Kinda like the thread Mojo started about the best places to get odd items for the tank.