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I am trying to build my first diy sump. I have a 20 gallon glass aquarium. My question deals with making the different compartments. What material should use? Will acrylic bond to glass? If so what should I use to create bond? Silicone? Any help will be appreciated.
I would use glass seperators. Lowe's or Home Depot will cut glass to what ever dimensions you need. Here is the post about my DIY sump. I used a 20 GAL aqaurium to make mine also. It's working great!"></a>

Good luck and if you have any questions, just ask! There is plenty of experience all over this forum.
Sorry- you can't bond acrylic to glass without a special silicone (and I'm not sure if anyone here knows where to get it...). You're much better using regular glass and siliconing them in place.
First let me say I highly recommend using glass with glass and that it is cheaper and easier to work with. However, you can use acrylic if you do it properly and work with your limitations. It is more difficult, but in the end it will hold strong assuming you don't put a lot of pressure on it such as water on one side and no water on the other. If you are just building baffles or a weir, you will be in good shape with the tips below.

You will need to brace each corner and seam with a smaller run of acrylic. Basically you put in a panel and right next to it caulk in a 1" wide support that runs the length of the panel. If you need to suspend a panel such as in a bubble trap, you can do the same trick. You simply cut a 1"x1" block (assuming you have a 1" gap in your bubble trap) then rest the panel on the block so it can't slide down. Think of it as a mini shelf.
everybody, thanks for the great advice. Each time I woke up last night I was thinking about my sump project.
If you use glass ,please wear gloves when handling it.Ive learned the hard way.Acrylic would be fine in a 20 gallon sump.There would not be enough water volume between baffles to really make a difference.You wouldnt have to worry about the baffles giving way as long as you silicone them in well.I use GE silicone II for all my sumps ive built.