Do sandsifters bother plate coral?


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In my 24g nanocube, I have a nice plate coral (1.5 inch diameter) sitting on the sandbed. I also have a conch, three nassarius snails, and 5 hermits stirring and cleaning the sand.

I'm going to move all inhabitants into a 30g Oceanic cube that has a 3 inch diameter sand star.

Will the starfish bother the plate coral? :confused:
Keep an eye out for shrimp stealing food if you are target feeding the plate coral.
Oh peppermint shrimp is a complete jack@ss when it comes feeding time. I have to constantly chase him away while the coral is swallowing the mysis shrimp.

BTW...I bought this plate coral from Cap Bay about a month or 2 ago. They said they got it from a woman in ARC. It has a greensih-orange color with a purplish-pink mouth. It's about 1.5 inches in diameter. I'm just curious who sold it to Cap Bay.
glxtrix wrote: I think its safe to say I'll never own a peppermint shrimp again.

But it does such a great job of keeping my tank aiptasia free! They're also really curious and friendly. I still like mine! :)
I have 4 peps in my tank and no problems. All my feather dusters are still there, rics are fine, and they wiped out the aiptasia.

It's rare I see them though...

Tony- do u still have that one peppermint from a year ago? I know we got em at the same time.
I think your plate will be just fine with the sand sifting star. If anything, the star may move your plate around from time to time...