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Hello all,

I hope you're having a great weekend and start to the new month.

Recently, I found out that the Oceanography class at my high school (Norcross) has started up a saltwater tank to help educate the students on the preservation and care of marine life. However, they are struggling to survive off of a $200 budget, and needless to say, the 55g tank needs some help. At present, there is no (live) rock, no skimmer, no decent lights...I guess I should say what they do have: an in-tank filter, fake freshwater plants, and two damsels and a chromis. The students all sounded very knowledgeable about what they needed to run a successful tank, and all of them were very passionate about the process, but they are simply lacking the funds/resources to progress.

So, this is where we hopefully step in: I was wondering if anyone would have any extra supplies, equipment, livestock (mainly live rock!) you'd be willing to donate to this worthy cause. I told the teacher I would try to help the class via some connections, and the was absolutely thrilled. I am going to dig around and donate whatever I can, and if you think you have something(s) to offer, please email me at"></a>

Also, I have given them info on Saltwater University, and I think they plan to get involved in the program--or at least participate. :)

Much thanks,
Two items that I can think of off the bat...

I have a skimmer, It is a prizm. Not the best in the world, but it is easy and pretty OK for a 55 and it is HOB.

And I have an RO filter (8gpd I think). I have had it in the garage a couple of years. the filters and me brane are questionable. but if you can barrow a TDS meter, this would verify.


BTW, get the fake plants out and make sure they don't have a metal wire core. some do (and they look awful :)

Oh... guess I should put this in a PM. Will do...

I swear I didn't mean "me brane"

That would be membrane....

No more wine tonight :)

Thank you SO much everyone for your generous offers...I knew the ARC would pull through. :)

I have PMed/emailed everyone who responded with her email address.

Thanks again!
Got an old test kit you're not sure about...

!/2 bucket of salt?

live sand ?

base rock?

mag 2 or 3 you have in reserve

HOB overflow?

plastic sump (rubber maid)

I have left a PM for the teacher. I would meet you (north metro) get it together and see that she gets it.


Kayla: Will you be at the meeting on Tuesday? I may be able to bring you some live rock.
Sally - I plan to. I will let you know if anything changes, but that would be great! Thanks again.

johnny - Did you get in contact with the teacher?
Kayla, Yes I did get in touch with her. I have pulled together a few more items (being a pack rat can have its good side) and am going to drop them by next week. We have to sync up on the day.

I am going to try and get over there on Wednesday. I will be at the meeting tuesday night. If anyone wants to donate anything, I can take it and run it over the next day. If you do bring something for the school, put a piece of tape or something with your name and/or email, so that thanks can be sent back :)

Thanks, Johnny! She told me how happy she was to be receiving these items from you.
Kayla: I can bring you about 30-40 pounds of live rock. Some nice pieces. I am breaking down one of my tanks. I will bring some other misc. items as well.
That would be great! I hope I can fit everything in my car! ;) I will forward the good news on to the teacher--the whole class will be so happy.
Thank you to everyone for your more than generous donations! I hope you all realize how much this will mean to the students and the profound impact your contributions will have their understanding/education of coral reef keeping. The more we can share with others (especially students) the essential aspects of this hobby, the more respect and appreciation for the ocean can be gained from this experience.

Sally, Chris, Michael--you're all awesome! Thanks again.
George: At the moment, it's a FOWLR tank only, but hopefully they will set up some adequate lights in the future, which will allow for the addition of coral.

To all who contributed: Ms. Bostick and her Oceanography class wanted me to tell you that they are very grateful for your generosity and support. It is thanks to hobbyists like you that people can become better educated about the ocean and the beauty of saltwater husbandry.

Happy reefing! Have a great week.