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I'm looking to drill returns in my 75 gallon glass tank,,,, I'm currently using an overflow box. I'm setting up the system to drain into a 250 gallon sump in my basement. I want to eliminate the possibility of the siphon loss by drilling 2 2" overflows with bulkheads to drain into the basement sump.
I'm an acrylic fabricator by trade..... and yes I have a glass show tank.(kids and sand with glass mags don't mix!)
Does anyone know where I can get a glass drill bit? And does the drilling have to be wet drill?
You can get the bits on ebay for under $20. search on glass hole saw or diamond bit. You will hit it quickly.

Should it be wet... YES

Some say build a dam of putty and put vegtable oil or water in it. DON't listen. Take a water hose and put it on trickle and point it at the hole as you are drilling. assuming you are outside, the dust will run in to the grass and sink (it is basically sand at that point).

If you have a child (girl or boy), let them hold the hose (they love to help).

If you use a plug in drill (maybe battery too), be careful. Drills and water have (albeit extremely rare) a nearly unique capability of causing death by electrical shock. You are more likely to be eaten by a shark on land, but a little respect for water and electricity in this case is warranted.

Thanks for the help,,,,,although I'm not an E-bay fan....I guess I'll try a glass shop and see if I can get one from them.
if you are only going to do this one... go to a slass shop (look in the yellow pages) 25 or 30 per hole... you can't beat that...

unless you are going to do 1/2 dozen... go this route. it is a lot less trouble.

There are times in life that you pay people to do what they are good at...

Unless you do DIY for fun... this is the route to take.

NOW they won' t give you a guarantee...but (in my experience) if they break it, they will do their ****est to make right...