Falling Frags


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Can anyone tell me a safe way to adhear my frags to some larger rock so they will quit ending up face down in the sand.
what kind of fragsdo you have?

Supper glue will work great on most frag, but not as good on Leather
if they are acroporas and hard corals then yeha super glue. i did that with a fag i just got and even my emerald crabs have moved it
One is a Sun Coral 3" at the top the bottom rock is about an inch with irregular bottom. the other is a leather on a finger of rock. Super glue is not bad for the tank
So what do you use for soft corals? I guess these are already attached to little pieces of rock. So I would be attaching rock to rock.
prolly epoxy for rock to rock

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You may end up placing a net around the rocks to hold the corals in place or placing the rock/corals in a very low flow area to avoid the corals being blow off by the water current. Most soft corals should attach to the rock in 4-7days.